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Getting the right legal strategies and advice is critical to any civil case you face whether you are in Denver, Colorado, Provo, Utah, or Manhattan, New York. At Illumine Legal LLC, our experienced Denver civil rights lawyers look for creative solutions to complex situations. Headquartered conveniently in the Denver Tech Center, we litigate all over the states of Colorado, Utah, and New York, and we are available for phone and video conferences. If you suspect your rights have been violated in Denver or anywhere in Colorado, consider scheduling a confidential consultation. Our lawyers represent quality people who find themselves in difficult circumstances. We have experience seeking money damages, contract enforcement, enforcement of statutes, and declaratory and injunctive relief.

Denver Civil Rights Lawyers You Can Put Faith In

A civil case can be stressful no matter if it is in Denver, Telluride, Walsenburg, or Greeley, which is why having the Illumine team of lawyers looking out for your best interests is key. At Illumine Legal LLC, we help determine the best route for you to get what you’re owed through skilled litigation and advisory services in Denver. We craft plans aimed at accomplishing your objectives in all areas, and we vigorously pursue them. Everything we do at Illumine is governed by our commitment to integrity to protect Denver residents’ rights. We serve clients inCapital Hill, Cherry Creek Washington Park, and across Denver, Colorado. We are located at 8055 E. Tufts Ave. Suite 1350, Denver, CO 80237. Call for a free no obligation consultation at (303) 228-2241

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What is a Civil Rights Litigation Lawyer?

Civil litigation is the legal process by which parties seek to vindicate their rights in civil court. When those rights include fundamental freedoms and protections against discrimination, having a skilled civil rights litigator—a trial attorney who practices in civil courts with deep knowledge of civil rights law—is critical to presenting the best offense and the best defense to legal claims and counterclaims in Denver and around Colorado. When you work with Illumine Legal LLC, our litigation team will fight to obtain the results you desire. Whether you’re dealing with a dispute or are seeking compensation after your rights have been violated, hiring a smart, tough civil rights litigation expert gives you the best chance of success.

Elite Denver Civil Rights Litigation Attorneys

The team of litigation attorneys at Illumine Legal LLC has the legal minds and know-how to position our clients to achieve the outcomes that they seek. Our attorneys help you determine the best course of action, whether that’s an out-of-court settlement through mediation or by agreement, or court in the Denver area or around Colorado. We offer consultations to explain the civil rights litigation process, to identify your viable claims and how you can prove them.

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Illumine Legal LLC proudly supports and endorses CrossPurpose ( in its efforts to end poverty in the Denver Metro region through emotional development and technical skills training, offered to those in poverty seeking a hand up. Please contact Illumine Legal or CrossPurpose directly to learn more about this worthy organization and how to support it.



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Taking on the legal system without adequate counsel can be intimidating. Fortunately, Illumine Legal LLC ensures that Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New York clients have the legal consultation services they need to navigate complex legal issues and processes.  From protecting your wealth and assets to navigating an estate administration or creating a limited liability company, we have an incredible legal team ready to find the right resolution for you.  Contact us today for more information about specific legal services or to learn how we can assist you with your legal issue.