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The death of a loved one, and the resulting trust or probate estate administration, can overwhelming.  Our team of probate and trust and estate administration experts thoughtfully advise clients on the legal, procedural, and tax requirements that follow a person’s passing. We work to find the most economical and efficient process to meet the family’s needs, while observing the law and carrying out the deceased person’s intentions. Our advisement begins with a review of all legal instrumentation, including wills or living trusts, and proceeds to assisting with probate and estate administration in the jurisdiction required by law.  

Our team has decades of combined experience assisting clients through estate and trust administrations. We have handled matters ranging from simple small estates and uncontested probate proceedings to highly contested trust or estate proceedings involving litigation and large, complicated estates of the wealthiest decedents in the nation.  No matter the size or stage your proceeding, we can assist you in moving your case to completion.

What’s a Testamentary Trust?

A testamentary trust is a provision in a will that appoints a trustee that will manage the assets of the dead. If you need one in Denver, our estate tax lawyers are highly adept at reducing estate tax liabilities, helping you keep as much as you can. A testamentary trust must be passed along in the will, and it will need to go through the entire probate process in Denver.

Premier Probate Attorney Serving Denver

After a person dies in Denver, a probate attorney should be hired to handle the estate administration. Illumine Legal LLC does this by reviewing executed wills or living trusts, assisting with opening a probate in the accurate jurisdiction, and ensuring the entire probate process runs smoothly and according to the letter of the law. When a person passes in Denver or Colorado, we can advise on various legal matters that go along with it.

Honoring the Last Will and Testament in Denver

A last will and testament is a legal document outlining the deceased’s final wishes when it comes to assets and dependents. At Illumine Legal LLC, our will and trust lawyers walk you through each step of the process. If you wish to set up a will in Denver, so your loved ones aren’t confused after your passing, we can do that as well.

Looking for an Estate Planning Attorney in Denver?

An estate planning attorney works with the living clients on how to administer their assets and estate. Similar to a will and trust lawyer, these lawyers help our Denver clients prepare trusts, wills, and other relevant documents to ensure a smooth transition of assets.

Our Estate Planning Attorneys

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W. Douglas Hoak

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