Tax resolution services are necessary for those looking to resolve their IRS issues in Denver. At Illumine Legal LLC, we help our clients through the complex process of getting tax relief by helping them resolve their back tax problems. It’s never a good thing when the IRS starts coming after you, which is why tax debt resolution is needed to ensure you aren’t paying any more than you should be. When you work with our legal experts in Denver, there are no hidden fees or surprises down the road!

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Denver’s Trusted Tax Debt Resolution Team

We understand how our Denver clients need to trust the team they hire to complete their tax debt resolution. At Illumine Legal LLC, we leave no stone unturned, thoroughly analyzing your financial information to determine exactly what type of tax debt resolution you qualify for. Nobody wants to have to pay old taxes in Denver, which is why we work with you to ensure you never pay more than you should.

Good Things

  • Special Discounts

    Illumine Legal LLC is pleased to offer a ten percent (10%) discount to the following community members:

    • Pastors, to include retired and active members of full-time ministerial service of all faith backgrounds.
    • Veterans, to include retired and active veterans from any branch of military service.
    • Police officers and fire fighters, to include retired and active members of a career of service.
    • Single parents, to include any parent supporting minor children without the aid of a spouse or partner.
  • Community Development

    Illumine Legal LLC proudly supports and endorses CrossPurpose ( in its efforts to end poverty in the Denver Metro region through emotional development and technical skills training, offered to those in poverty seeking a hand up. Please contact Illumine Legal or CrossPurpose directly to learn more about this worthy organization and how to support it.

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Everyone knows taking on the legal system without adequate counsel can be a nightmare. Illumine Legal LLC ensures Colorado, Wyoming, and New York clients have the legal consultation services they need to navigate complex legal processes and actions. From charity and taxes to taking care of your wealth and assets, we exhaust every legal option to guarantee you are within the letter of the law. For more about our specific legal services, get in touch at your earliest convenience.

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