Charitable Planning

Charitable Planning

Charitable planning allows our clients to plan gifts to those special charities that mean the most to them. Our team can help clients with simple contributions, private foundations, charitable remainder trusts, and charitable lead trusts. We discuss the options a client might have to establish charitable trusts that also benefit their loved ones. Our team advises clients on the tax benefits of different planning approaches in the charitable space so that clients not only feel good about their charitable giving, but also enjoy maximizing their savings from a tax perspective.

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Supporting the causes you truly care about requires thoughtful planning. With the help of legal experts, you can get the best consultation, planning, and advisory services, helping you target your money where you really want it to go. Even if you don’t already have a specific charity in mind but want to give back, we can help you figure out what suits you best.

Denver’s Premier Charitable Planning Firm

When you want to support that cause or foundation that means most to you, be sure to start with charitable planning in Denver.

Our Charitable Planning Attorneys

Primary Contact

W. Douglas Hoak

Additional Contacts

Jennifer Clouse

Hannah Clayshulte

Illumine Legal LLC proudly provides services to those in need. We also take pride in helping our community.

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Special Discounts

Illumine Legal LLC is pleased to offer a ten percent (10%) discount to the following community members:

  • Pastors, to include retired and active members of full-time ministerial service of all faith backgrounds.
  • Veterans, to include retired and active veterans from any branch of military service.
  • Police officers and fire fighters, to include retired and active members of a career of service.
  • Single parents, to include any parent supporting minor children without the aid of a spouse or partner.

Community Development

Illumine Legal LLC proudly supports and endorses CrossPurpose ( in its efforts to end poverty in the Denver Metro region through emotional development and technical skills training, offered to those in poverty seeking a hand up. Please contact Illumine Legal or CrossPurpose directly to learn more about this worthy organization and how to support it.



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