Estate and Trust Administration

Estate and Trust Administration ​

When someone passes, administering a trust or an estate can be an overwhelming and significant responsibility. Here at Illumine Legal LLC, we thoughtfully advise our clients on various legal matters that accompany a person’s passing and strive to make the experience easier. We strategically find the most economical and efficient process to meet the needs of the family while preserving the assets of the trust or estate. We do this by reviewing executed wills or living trusts, assisting with opening a probate, administering the matter in the appropriate jurisdiction according to the law, and mindfully advising on the management of assets and procedural tasks of the administration.


Compassionate Trust and Estate Administration


Efficient Probate and Estate Management


Strategic Asset Preservation

What is Probate and Trust Administration?

The administration of a trust or an estate can easily become complicated and challenging. There are a range of complex issues to consider during the administration, including the management of real estate, gift, estate, and income tax issues, interests in business entities, and the preservation of pre-death lawsuits.

Our team has decades of combined experience assisting clients through estate and trust administrations. We have handled matters ranging from simple small estates and uncontested probate proceedings to highly contested trust or estate proceedings involving litigation and large, complicated estates of the wealthiest decedents in the nation. Regardless of the size or stage of your proceeding in the probate process, we can assist you in moving your case to completion.

Looking for an Estate & Trust Administration  Attorney?

An estate planning attorney works with the living clients on how to administer their assets and estate. Our estate and trust administration attorneys assist our clients with the proper distribution of assets in accordance with local rules and regulations.

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