Questions To Ask Your Denver Litigation Attorney

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Interesting Information

Litigation Attorney Details

Litigation lawyers, also called litigants, provide legal representation to either a defendant or a plaintiff in a civil case. They work in corporate legal departments, government offices and also in their own law firms. These professionals follow a legal process with many tasks that must be performed well.

If you need such a specialist, it is important to know what questions to ask in order to identify a good attorney, who can really make a difference for your case.

What type of cases do you deal with, in general?

You will want to find out about a lawyer’s expertise and how much of their practice is dedicated to the field in which your legal problem falls.

In which consists the consultancy that you will offer me?

In the early days of your case, a litigation attorney Denver area will exhaustively examine the details and evidence and give you solid advice. After examining your case, the litigant may suggest that you try to resolve the issue out of court. If you fail to do so, the litigant will help you bring or defend a lawsuit in court.

How many cases have you represented similar to mine and with what results?

Now is not the time not to be shy. Do not hesitate to ask about the lawyer’s history, including the number of cases won or resolved.

What are the fees and costs and how are they billed?

These details are obviously very important, because you need to know from the very beginning if you can afford the services of that lawyer. So don’t hesitate to ask for all the details.