What Can a Civil Litigation Attorney in Denver Do for You?

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Interesting Information

What Can We Do For You Illumine Legal


Even if a person is involved in litigation, they can benefit from the mediation process. Civil litigation attorneys with Illumine Legal are there to assist their clients in different ways, before, during and after litigation.

By going through the litigation process, a civil litigation attorney in Denver can help to prevent a lawsuit, at least in some cases. Sometimes, both sides should reach a resolution before going to court. For example, both sides might want to avoid bad publicity. An employer who has fired an employee may not want the media to know about this information. A manufacturer of certain products may want to prevent bad advertising after a person has suffered injury after using a particular product. Resolving a case before filing a lawsuit can help substantially reduce legal expenses. It can also prevent negative feelings between the parties.

Another way in which civil litigation attorneys can help with the mediation process is to identify solutions that both parties will be satisfied with. In processes, there are usually limited possibilities. One side always loses, and the other one wins. The winner can receive a judgment for monetary damages. Lawyers can be more creative with solutions because they are not as tied to certain formulas and procedures as judges and courts.